Learn why people love Megabox HD App

Movies are a great source of entertainment and it helps us to relax after a long tiring week or day. People spend huge amount of money to watch their favorite movies in theatres. A plethora of movies come up these days that have fantastic performances of artists and a story that simply cannot be missed. Various applications have now emerged that allow you to watch movies for free at your home.

Movies Download

Movie apps are easily downloadable from Google Playstore and it helps you to enjoy movies from all generations in just one go. Megabox HD is a popular app with multiple exciting features that helps you cherish amazing movies. You need not go out but simple stay at home, download the app and enjoy being entertained.

Megabox HD App Ultimate Features

This is a widely popular movie app that helps you to watch flicks from all generations for absolutely free of cost. The main features of the Megabox HD APK that distinguishes it from the rest and makes irresistible to have in smartphones for watching movies are briefed below.

User Friendly App

The app is easily downloadable from Google Playstore. It works on a very simple and user friendly platform making it all the more accessible by all. Even a non-technical person can also enjoy the benefits of this app without any trouble.

Huge Collection of Movies

The app has a humongous collection of movies from all kinds and generations. You need to look for the movie of your choice and play it. It has movies from the good old times to the rocking new premium ones. You can search for comedy, action, drama, tragedy, documentary, etc. flicks of your choice on this app.

Experience the HD Movies

Forget about the bad print or blur print movies as this amazing app allows the movies to be played in HD mode giving you unparalleled experience of watching movies being on your couch.

Create Your Playlist

You can create a playlist of your choice and watch teasers, trailers and videos using this multi-purpose movie app.

Regular Update

The app gets updated regularly with movies and videos of recent times and hence you can grab all the latest flicks too. You need not to install any other app after installing this movie app on your smartphone.

Watch Movies Offline

You can watch your favorite movie at anytime anywhere with its amazing feature of watching movies offline as it allows you to save your favorite movies in the offline movie list and watch them later.

Rating Feature

It is a handy app that allows you to watch movies after checking their ratings.

Hide or Delete Movies

You can also hide or delete the movies after watching them.

Time Saving

The days has gone when you have to book movie tickets and then experience a long traffic jam while driving to the movie theatres. Now just install a movie app and download the movie you want to watch with your loved ones.

Your device doesn’t support this app? Not to worry because we have a great alternative known as MovieBox

Different types of sets in volleyball

Volleyball teams master basic skills which comprises several specific techniques. One such important skill is Set. The Set is usually the second contact that a team makes with the ball. The main reason to set the ball is to put the ball in such a way that it can be driven by an attach into the opponent’s court. The setter is the one who coordinates the offensive movements of a team and ultimately decides which player will attack the ball.

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The most common set naming system is a two-number system. In this system, the 1st number corresponds to a zone on the net while the 2nd number corresponds to the height of the set at its apex (in feet). The zones are named 21 through 7 from left to right along the net with the setter occupying the line between Zone 5 and 6. The most common set heights are 1,2,3,5 and 10. Zones 4,5 and 6 float along the net with the setter.

Types of Sets

  • Set A: A back row set aimed at the left side of the court. This can also be a quick set to the middle.
  • Set B: A back row set aimed to the left side of the middle of the court.
  • Back-Two: A ball set relatively high and to the middle or to the right-side hitter, directly behind the setter.
  • Back-One: A ball set relatively low (or quick) to the middle hitter or to the right-side hitter and is directly behind the setter.
  • Set C: A back row set aimed to the right side of the middle of the court.
  • Set D: A back row set aimed at the right side of the court.
  • Bick- The ball is set very low.
  • Five- A set to the weak side/ outside hitter.
  • Four/ Back- A high set to the strong side/ outside hitter.
  • Go- A set to the outside hitter and higher than a shoot but lower and faster than a hut.
  • Hut/ Loop- A lower set to the outsider hitter and higher than a shoot.
  • Pipe- A back row set aimed at the middle of the court between a B and a C-ball.
  • Shoot- A variation on the quick set except that instead of setting the ball to the middle, the ball is set to the outside hitter.
  • Two- A ball which is set to the middle hitter.
  • Ten- A ball which is set for a back row attack.

Now that you know about different types of sets, you should think about getting a pair of the best volleyball shoes for you and your team mates if you want to nail the sport.